Angora family.

The Angora is a Parent cat that cannot be purchased. It's a reward obtained by completing a series of Shop Goals. The first goal in this series is titled "Rare Rabbit Pt. 1." You will find the Angora in your storage after completing the fifth goal in the series, titled "Pet Nursery." The cats are white and have heterochromia, which means that they have one blue eye and one brown eye. The collection time is 30 minutes. You obtain 45 coins from the playpen when completed. Their playpen is the Flower Garden playpen. The Angora can be crossbred. The formulas are below.

Pet Exp Coins at rank 1 Coins at rank 3 Build time Collect time Price to buy Unlock at level
Angora 1 32 45 None 30 min 1,120 Goal

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