The Beagle

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    A beagle family of four--fully upgraded.

    The Beagle is the first pet that you start out with(in the tutorial.) When fully upgraded you receive 27 coins and 1 XP every 3 minutes by collecting coins. The dogs are brown, with cream underbellies and black backs. The Beagles howl and the puppies smell the ground. The collecting time is 3 minutes and the breeding time is 30 seconds. You obtain 28 coins after the playpen is completed. The playpen is just a green field at first, surrounded by a cream fence. After the first upgrade, a tan doghouse with a red roof is added. After the second upgrade, 2 trees are added on each side of the doghouse.


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Pet Exp Max Coins Collect Time Coins to buy Unlock By
Beagle 1 28 3 min 50, free Default.