A Birman family fully upgraded.

The Birman is a Parent breed and it's part of the World of Love collection. The Birman has a white-gray coat with dark gray markings and blue eyes. The collection time is 30 minutes and the breeding time is 5 minutes. You obtain 56 coins from the playpen when completed.


Birman x Angora = Ragamuffin

Shorthair Cat x Birman = Australian Mist

Birman x Shorthair Cat = Longhair Cat

Birman x Persian = Ragdoll

Note that when crossbreeding the Birman with the Shorthair Cat, the order of the parents matters and can create 2 different breeds.

Pet Exp Coins at rank 1

Coins at rank 3

Build time Collect time Price to buy Unlock at level
Birman 1 40 56 Instant 30 min 85 2

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