Complete Collections of familys for special rewards.

Devoted Companions

Tried and true great pets and friends.

Members: Golden Retriever, Beagle , Shorthair Cat

Total Cost: 6,140 Coins, Lvl 7

Reward: Jack Russell, 300 Coins, 10 XP

World of Love

Pet loving is a world wide pursuit.

Members: Birman, Afghan Hound, French Bulldog

Total Cost: 1,004 Coins, 52 Gems, Lvl 4

Reward: Russian Blue, 600 Coins, 20 XP

High Jump Contest

Your things aren't safe at any height.

Members: Bengal, Border Collie, Toyger

Total Cost: 504 Coins, 624 Gems, Lvl 4

Reward: Tree Frog, 800 Coins, 25 XP

Short n' Stubby

Short legged pets are extra adorable.

Members: Welsh Corgi , Pug , Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

Total Cost: 65,520 Coins, Lvl 14

Reward: Box Turtle, 7,000 Coins, 75 XP

Bullish Buddies

Crossbreeds for real bulldog fans!

Members: Bullfrog, French Bullhuahua, French Bull Tzu

Total Cost: 33,080 Coins, 24 Gems, Lvl 20

Reward: Bull Terrier, 74,000 Coins, 81 XP

Red Herrings

Names can be deceiving.

Members: Cardinalfish, Lion Fish, Emperor Angelfish

Total Cost: 56 Gems, 77,280, Lvl 18

Reward: Flame Angelfish, 20,800 Coins, 66 XP

Bring on the Bunnies

Hopping mad for more rabbits!

Members:Okopipi FrogChinchilla, Wallaroo

Total Cost: 144 Gems, 28,800, Lvl 28

Reward: Dwarf Rabbit, 16,000 Coins, 101 XP

In Living Color

Add more color to brighten your shop!

Members:Scarlet MacawCockatiel, Mandarinfish

Total Cost: 64 Gems, 50,640, Lvl 18

Reward: Eclectus Parrot, 23,200 Coins, 12 XP

Terrier Troop

These troopers are small, but they're fierce!

Members:Scottish TerrierBoston Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier

Total Cost: 156 Gems, 20,000, Lvl 10

Reward: Lakeland Terrier, 6,640 Coins, 4 XP

Colossal Canines

We're gonna need a bigger doghouse...

Members: Bloodhound ,English Mastiff, English Sheepdog

Total Cost: 100 Gems, 25,600, Lvl 

Reward: Boerboel, 168,000 Coins, 240 XP

Fuzzy Puppies

Designer breeds with fuzzy fur to clean.

Members: Affenhuahua, Pomchi, Cockapoo

Total Cost: 39 Gems 8,414 Coins        (1 pure breed parent cost was used in calculation)

Reward: Dog Bath, 2,000 Coins, 30 XP

Small Starters

Small animals make for cute first pets.

Members: Betta, Canary, Hamster

Total Cost: 11,168, Lvl 11

Reward: Hamster Car, 4,000 Coins, 50 XP