German Shepherd

A German Shepherd fully upgraded.

The German Shepherd is probably one of the earliest dogs you will get in the game. It has light brown fur with dark brown markings and brown eyes. The puppies have one lopsided ear. The German Shepard's collection time is 3 minutes and it's breeding time is 8 minutes. You obtain 28 coins from the playpen when completed.

The German Shepard can be crossbred. The formulas are below.

  • German Shepard x Beagle = German Sheagle
  • German Shepard x Fuzzy Lop Rabbit = Flemish Rabbit
Pet Exp Coins at rank 1 Coins at rank 3 Build time Collect time Price to buy Unlock at level
German Shepherd 1 20 28 Instant 3 Min 65 2