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On any Apple and Android device, in the App Store and Google Play, Pet Shop Story is a free game where you can collect hundreds of pets! This Wiki will guide you through the game, from pets to crossbreed formulas!

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Storm8 ID Swap

Latest activity

  • discussion page Talk:Storm8 ID Swap
    new comment by Pederdm000
    Comment: pederdm000
  • new page Cockatiel
    created by Ilmlp
    New page: the cockatiel is a bird that cost 16 gems. it produes 5xp and 36 coins every 6 hours. you can crossbreed to make the loving bird
    Summary: add extra info
  • new page Cocker Spaniel
    created by Ilmlp
    New page: the cocker cost 13 gems. producee 35 coins and 3 xp every 3 hours. you can breed the bocker dog and the cockapoo
    Summary: added more info
  • new page Bengal
    created by The1AndOlny
    New page: The bengal costs 7 gems and can be used to breed the toyger. The bengal makes you 30 coins and 5 XP every hour and will be useful for leveling up if...
    Summary: I added my own summary...

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